Hard Drive Screening & Imaging

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Hard drives are key components for storing memory. Ensuring hard drives are functioning properly is crucial across industries, which is why we place high value on hard drive imaging and screening at CSAT Solutions. We use the most advanced industry-standard test sytems and custom software available to screen hard drives for wiping, quality assurance, and imaging of hard drives to ensure sufficient operation. All of our services are focused on providing the best solutions to our clients that ultimately lead to long-term savings. At CSAT we provide screening and imaging for IDE, ATA, SATA, SCSI, and SAS hard drives.

Hard Drive Screening

Hard drive screening is imperative to find any defects that may cause failures, memory loss, or other issues. Because we use the most advanced screening processes, we can efficiently determine any issues and save our clients the time and money required in expensive laboratory work. We specialize in hard drive screening, wiping, and sector remapping to help our customers see success and avoid the complications that come with defective hard drives.

Hard Drive Imaging

Hard drive imaging involves loading customer images and/or software onto the hard drive. This is a convenient and efficient method to convert a new hard drive into one that meets all of the customers original specifications. CSAT Solutions provides imaging services to simplify the backup process for our clients and secure the important data often stored on hard drives.

hard drive imaging

CSAT’s hard drive imaging and screening services are all about expertise, innovation, and efficiency. We have vast experience servicing the latest technologies, allowing us to create and refine our unique processes for the best repairs possible.  Because our repair services are cost-effective, you can devote more time and money into your business development initiatives. At CSAT, our goal is to see our clients succeed.

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