Inventory HUB Services

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CSAT Solutions offers more than repair services to our customers. Because we process thousands of shipments and returns on a daily basis, we have a refined process for maintaining inventory and keeping the warehouse running smoothly. Our warehousing and logistics services can simplify the shipping for our clients and lead to greater success across the board. Whether shipments and returns are destined for two towns over or the other side of the world, our expansive network is able to meet the destination and the deadline.

Warehousing and Parts Tracking at the Serial Number Level

CSAT Solutions offers climate-controlled warehousing and parts management through serialized tracking systems. This allows for efficient and effective management of customers’ products, providing accurate shipments on time. Because of our experience in shipping large quantities all over the world, we are able to provide the highest quality of warehousing and logistics service to our clients.

HUB Services

We ship replacement parts to the field for use by service technicians, along with bulk shipments to other HUBs and forward stocking locations (FSLs) throughout the globe. The returns we process are screened and classified as scrap, return to vendor (RTV), or transferred to the repair line where the part can be restored and sent back to finished goods inventory. Acting as a HUB, CSAT is able to provide central service to FSLs globally, meaning that our customers can be confident that shipments and returns are being processed quickly and correctly.

CSAT’s HUB inventory services are all about expertise, innovation, and efficiency. We have vast experience in warehousing and logistics, allowing us to create and refine our unique processes for the best service possible.  Not only are our shipping services cost-effective, we aim in every way to keep warehousing and logistics as simple as possible for our customers. At CSAT, our goal is to see our clients succeed.

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