About Us

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CSAT Solutions has a history of bringing success to our clients. Founded in 1992 as a motherboard repair company, we have expanded into a broad range of technology repair applications, including whole unit system repair, LCD/LED panel repair, HDD and SSD wipe and testing services, medical equipment services and repair, and much more. We also offer services to our clients requiring warehousing and logistics support, streamlining the shipping and returns processes. With our years of experience and our record of success, our clients know that they can trust us to get the job done!

CSAT Solutions is leading the way in the era of digital transformation with developing expertise in automation and robotics, AI and predictive machine learning, data-driven engineering solutions, and real time operations metrics and command centers.

Our team is dedicated to providing the best service possible to our clients. We want to see the success of our customers through continued partnership and cost-effective service offerings including returns, repairs, shipping, and logistics. Each part of CSAT Solutions works together in a well-refined process – from operations to repairs to customer service, our communication and execution are above industry-standard.

Meet the Team

Global Reach

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, we also have additional facilities in Salem, New Hampshire. Furthermore, we have strategic partnerships in Birmingham, UK, Toronto, Canada, Mexico City, Mexico, and Xiamen and Shanghai, China. Our global reach is an asset to our customers, as we are better able to serve their shipping and returns needs. We are able to ship to and from virtually anywhere in the world, simplifying the process for our clients and providing a cost-effective solution for all of our partners.

Technology Repair Specialties

At CSAT Solutions, we specialize in technical repair for commercial, consumer, industrial, and medical electronics. Our team of repair and operations experts have the right tools to run diagnostics on each unique device that comes through our doors. Our state-of-the-art repair methods allow us to restore the most sophisticated electronics technology, extending the life of the product and serving our customers well. Our all-under-one-roof system streamlines operations and ensures timely completion of repairs, projects, and shipping needs.